Property Owner? Free Book Reveals What You Need To Know And What You Should AVOID, Ahead Of And in The Eventual Scenario You Find Yourself Making a Claim... And Before Speaking to an Adjuster, Making a Claim and Signing Any Forms... 
(In the eventual scenario you find yourself making a claim this FREE book ensures you stand a good chance of winning)
Making a Property Insurance Claim? Read This Book First!
Your insurance company is a Goliath to your David and a property insurance claim can be a tough contest with high stakes. You need insider knowledge to even up your chances of winning. And Steven Lazarus is the ultimate insider, with over 25 years' experience in the insurance industry. As a former loss adjuster, he's seen how the Five Deadly Sins make it all too easy for insurance companies to reject claims. As a loss assessor (a very different role, as you'll discover...) Steve has the winning track record to help you submit an honest, truthful and loophole-free claim that won't fail. So up this book and get ready to slay your giant...
Insurance companies HATE paying claims

Don't ask me - Insist on speaking to my many clients. 

You'll meet some inside the book....

From the desk of Steven Lazarus, London, England.

Dear friend,

If you've ever suffered damage to your home or business you know just how stressful it can be.

So when you come to making your insurance claim you really don't need to be given any more aggravation.

You pay your premium and you expect Insurers to do all they can to support you through the murky process of claiming.

With over 26 years experience in the insurance claims industry, I can tell you for free, Insurers will only pay your claim if they absolutely have to. Any ambiguity, any tiny error, anything that can be construed against you, will be taken down and used in evidence against you.

Insurers have deep pockets, expensive lawyers and a veritable web of processes, all of which will confuse and intimidate you.

Sure there are many thousands of claims that get settled quickly. Sure there are many claimants who are happy campers. But there are THOUSANDS of poorly handled claims every year, with distressed claimants who simply aren't getting what they are entitled to,or the level of service and compassion they deserve.

Don't for one minute think that because you've paid your premiums for many years, have been a good loyal customer and never claimed, now entitles you to a penny. You can put that notion to one side. You know by now life isn't fair.

So you need to redress the balance. The only way to do that is to get educated. Not after your home has burnt down, or your business has been washed away in a flood. You need to get clear on what you need to know RIGHT NOW.

You may not need the services of a Loss Assessor to help you with your claim, but when the Insurance Company instructs their own Loss Adjuster (note carefully the different spelling), to help them, you should take note. 

Information is power, and with this book that I have written just for you, the balance of power will shift back in your favour.

In this book you will learn:
  • CRUCIAL INSURANCE DEFINITIONS that may mean the difference between success and failure
  • The FIVE Myths and Truths about the insurance claims industry
  • Five DIRTY TRICKS Insurance companies use to wear  you down and how to spot them.
  • FIVE DEADLY SINS that can destroy your insurance claim PLUS a BONUS SIN
  • TEN REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES from our own files, to show what can be achieved with the best advice
  • MANY MORE useful tips and tricks that you will need to win your battle. Make no mistake - it is a battle!
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